Pretez main-forter. Faites une difference. Pretez main-forter. Faites une difference.

READY for Real Life Messes

SpongeTowels® is uniquely designed to keep you ready for real-life messes. Whether it’s after cooking family dinner, cleaning your windows, or puppy paw prints on the kitchen floor, ultra-absorbent SpongeTowels® help you clean up without the fuss and get back to the fun.

Nothing absorbs like it.®

Ultra Absorbent

SpongeTowels® is made with thousands of ultra-absorbent SpongePockets® for a reliable clean, so you don't need to avoid life’s messes.

Sponge Pockets Technology

Ultra Convenient

Cut in a convenient Choose-A-Size® format so you can use as much or as little as needed to get the job done.

Choose a Size

Ultra Canadian

As Canada’s favourite paper towel, we’re proud to be manufactured here in Canada. Made by Canadians for Canadians.

Canadian Made

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Spongtowels Ultra

Meet Spongie

No one is more obsessed with spills and messes than Spongie. And Spongie knows better than anyone the ultra-absorbency of SpongeTowels® paper towel. Whatever the mess, Spongie’s got your back.

So go ahead, tackle tough messes with SpongeTowels®.

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